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Get known in the community — our Direct Marketing coupon magazine can help increase sales and profits for your business. Call 845-227-4495 Coupon Magazine now to find out how you can become one of those most visited businesses in your area today!

Direct marketing is part of the promotional mix and helps with business challenges. Because it communicates directly with customers, it can deliver a higher conversion rate (the percentage of the targeted group that, for example, buys your product) at a lower cost.

Direct marketing:

is affordable
is measurable
enables you to promote your products and services directly to the customers who need it most.
A successful direct marketing program will:

enable you to reach target individuals in an efficient way
help you to personalise and customise your messages
attract new customers and increase their value to your business over time
support long-term relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Highly targeted distribution to over 65,000+ residences
  • 3 areas of distribution with dense population
  • Exclusive coupons, deals and coupon codes so customers can save even more.
  • Creative coupon offers
  • Strategically appealing magazine designs
  • Acquire new long-term customer relationships
  • Give back to existing relationships with valued customers you’ve come to appreciate and trust

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